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Event Training

Media Training.

Connecting with today’s media outlets advances your business, whether you’re looking to build your personal and professional brand, gain market share and attract new customers, or reach the investor community. Event Foundry offers dedicated training to help you engage with reporters in the most effective ways to bring clarity and focus to any discussion. Communicating clearly and confidently (while appearing likable) doesn’t come easily to everyone. Often, the smartest people lack public speaking training or experience. To get the most out of your press engagements, we create a tailored approach that speaks to the strengths of your business, product, service and staff.

Speaker Training.

Whether you are participating as a solo presenter, co-presenter, panelist or keynote at an event, how can you ensure you are prepared for the opportunity? From sharing speaking best practices to preparing visuals, Event Foundry can help you be successful on stage. From reading the room and knowing what your audience is expecting, preparing for a virtual opportunity vs. being at the event in-person, finding success as a contrarian, educating the audience and speaking to real-world examples, trends and research, we can help.

Real stories

38% Less

Converting a trade show lead costs 38% less than relying on a sales call alone.

(Source: Convention Data Services)

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