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We provide marketing & communication services to event vendors.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaking at industry events is the best way to build credibility, share thought leadership and be seen and heard by industry customers and peers. Event Foundry helps you identify and prepare for the right opportunities—From tracking tradeshows and conferences to knowing how to improve your chances of selection, we can help. We have strong relationships with key organizations and industry conference organizers to score space at the podium for our clients. We advise on topics, recommend panelists, edit presentations, and coach speakers on how to keep audiences engaged and enraptured.

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Award Recognition

Event Foundry can help you gain the industry recognition you deserve to elevate your place in the market. Whether you are focused on employee hiring and retention and need to be seen as a best place to work, highlighting the industry contribution and acumen of an executive or team members, or showcasing new products and technology that are advancing business and consumer lives, we can help you source the best opportunities, work with your team to improve the odds of selection, coordinate award timelines and submissions, and identify judging opportunities.

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Content Development

Content is the fuel for marketing your services. Now more than ever, your company must produce compelling, journalist-quality content—quickly. Event Foundry understands this and offers a wide range of content creation services from ghost writing bylines, drafting press releases, designing infographics and more. We help you identify the right content for the right placement at the right time and strategize with you as we work with authors and artists to make your story come alive. Whether in written and visual form, you own the content to bring your story alive.

Pre-Event Promotion

Making a financial commitment for an event means you need to be firing on all cylinders. Leading up to an event, Event Foundry helps you review event details and logistics, engage the community, create key event offerings, build awareness and add value. We help you market your presence, highlighting what’s new or to be announced, so you can get the most out of your event participation. Through earned and sponsored media, we can help inform the industry through content, media placements and optimized search rankings.

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On-Site Event Marketing

Event Foundry can set your brand apart with distinction and make sure your team is ready at the event. Whether you are inviting customers, engaging the community, or developing offerings and collateral, we can help prepare a road map so you get the most out of on-site opportunities. Offerings can range from press-facing materials (media kits, press releases, new product announcements), attendee-facing materials (prize drawings and giveaways, branded merchandise, gamification, product or service promotions) and industry-facing opportunities (exclusive, VIP invites and planning social networking and gatherings).

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Post-Event Follow Up

Being present at an event requires measuring the outcomes. Event Foundry can share steps to make event follow up efficient and effective, including keeping leads fresh by engaging with them quickly, identifying the right customers and how to serve them, understanding which leads take time to develop and how to approach them and building lasting relationships with those who did and those who did not attend the event. We can share resources to help you track and measure your success, including foot traffic to the booth, social monitoring, sales achieved, post-event surveying, mapping the event to your web engagement, and measuring your return on investment (ROI), cost per lead (CPL) and return on objectives (ROO). Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) and Cost Per Lead (CPL).

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Media Relations

Whether you are expanding your brand, seeking funding, acquiring customers or gaining market share, you need to reach the right audience. Event Foundry understands and delivers on media relations needs—We know key reporters at top media outlets and the when, what and how they want to hear from you. We work closely with your internal communications team to review existing efforts, develop a plan with set goals and objectives, and execute on a results-driven strategy.

Media Training

Connecting with today’s media outlets advances your business, whether you’re looking to build your personal and professional brand, gain market share and attract new customers or reach the investor community. Event Foundry offers dedicated training to help you engage with reporters in the most effective ways to bring clarity and focus to any discussion. Communicating clearly and confidently (while appearing likeable) doesn’t come easily to everyone. Often, the smartest people lack public speaking training or experience. To get the most out of your press engagements, we create a tailored approach that speaks to the strengths of your business, product, service and staff.


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Speaker Training

Whether you are participating as a solo presenter, co-presenter, panelist or keynote at an event, how can you ensure you are prepared for the opportunity? From sharing speaking best practices to preparing visuals, Event Foundry can help you be successful on stage. From reading the room and knowing what your audience is expecting, preparing for a virtual opportunity vs. being at the event in-person, finding success as a contrarian, educating over selling to the audience and speaking to real-world examples, trends and research, we can help.

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