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Get Your Game Face On – Preparing For Your Next Event

Every event needs a gameplan, regardless of whether you’re a first-time participant looking to disrupt the space or an industry veteran making a big splash to raise capital or introduce a new product or service. When you’re coming up with that gameplan for making your efforts actionable, it can help to ask yourself a few core questions. Reach out to us on Twitter @EventFoundry and let us know how you get your game face on!

Who is my target audience at an event?

Take the time to build out a buyer persona(s) that looks at
1. Your current customers (what are their demographics, buying patterns, LTV, etc.),
2. The event attendee profiles, job titles, and locations, and
3. The broader industry market that you serve.

What can I do to stand out at an event?

Start by building excitement before the event. Share the news—a new product or service, hosting an influencer or celebrity, doing a booth give away, speaking in the conference, or sponsoring a party, a session or a dining event. By educating the market, embracing your clients and partners, and touching base with potential attendees before the event, the more prepared they’ll be to interact with you.

When should I follow up with prospects I met at an event?

Speed is the key—Make a plan for contacting event attendees before you ever arrive. Knowing how you plan to reach them (e.g., email, phone, text, in-person meeting) and having a process in place will help you gather the right contact information at the event and help speed up the time between when the event ends and when you initially reach out.

Determining your target audience first can give you valuable insight and help ensure you’re giving customers a memorable event experience.

Where should I position my booth at an event?

Many events use priority points to assign booth locations, some are on a first-come, first-served basis. Touch base with the event organizers to understand how they position new and existing customers. You may want to be near a busy intersection to get foot traffic or you may want to be next to a show anchor booth or partner booth where it makes sense to connect with targeted attendees.

Why should I participate in in-person events?

Branding, sales, face-to-face marketing, industry research, promotion, forming new relationships—you name it, there are a myriad of reasons to exhibit or sponsor at an event. Similarly, there are lots of opportunities get involved in other ways, including speaking, advising or being an industry liaison. Find out what’s important to your business well in advance so you can establish the goals and objectives you want to achieve at the event and then work toward those opportunities.

How can I engage my target audience at an event?

To engage the right audience, understand their needs and communications style. Younger attendees might prefer to interact with technology (e.g., touch screens, AR/VR, digital signage), whereas an executive audience might prefer face-to-face meetings and paper literature. Tailor your approach to meet their needs.

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